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Carbon Risk Management is a strategic advisory firm assisting clients to make sense of the complex and evolving climate change-related risk and opportunity landscape. We help contextualise the latest developments in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets to keep our clients strategically informed, and assist them to proactively integrate climate change-related risks and opportunities into their business strategy so that they can prosper in the emerging low carbon economy. We also have the right expertise to help clients intelligently articulate their strategy and vision across a range of investor and other stakeholder communication platforms. Beyond strategy and disclosure we assist clients in technical aspects of greenhouse gas emissions management including technical analysis of compliance frameworks, emissions inventory development, target setting, and assurance auditing.

Why choose us?

  • Strategic and technical carbon risk management expertise
  • Expert understanding of materiality when evaluating climate risks & opportunities
  • Demonstrated success with clients of all sizes across multiple sectors
  • Expert understanding of latest developments in voluntary and compliance markets
  • Assurance audit specialists for NGERS, ERF, NCOS, GreenPower and state-based schemes
  • Expertise in carbon disclosure across a variety of communication platforms

our services

Strategic Advisory

We help clients understand the relevance of evolving climate change-related risks and opportunities to their direct operations and supply chain, and help position them strategically so that they can prosper in divergent low-carbon future scenarios.

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Carbon Disclosure

We help clients proactively and effectively communicate with investors, ESG analysts and other stakeholders to meet their expectations on climate risk management across various communication platforms such as CDP, investor briefings, and sustainability reporting.

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Verification and Assurance

Engage experienced technical greenhouse and energy auditors that understand your data and have the right skills to deliver professional audit outcomes for NGERS, ERF, Safeguard Mechanism, NCOS, GreenPower, VEET and ISCA rating audits amongst others.

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Let us roll up our sleeves with you to quantify and manage your emissions profile, identify emissions reduction opportunities, and then help you set meaningful and achievable emissions reduction goals and targets to support your broader strategy.

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Carbon Risk Management

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